Revelation: THE MAYAS

mayas 08The exhibition “The Mayas: a Revelation from an Endless Time” was recently opened in December 2013 at the National Palace Gallery in Mexico City.

The lighting concept has been developed by the exhibition designers in conjunction with the lighting design team, the intent is to create an inviting atmosphere that brings the visitors into an immersing experience through the halls.

A virtual tour around the diversity of locations and phases of the Mayan culture is possible thanks to the variety and high quality of the exhibited artifacts.   The visitor may appreciate works from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and several private collections.

Lighting in the exhibition is a key factor to render the textures, materials and modeling properties of the collection.  In some cases, it is grazing light that reveals the delicate layers in the stone; in other places, the light is focused to accentuate a particular detail and to enhance the strong character of some art works.

All along the exhibition, the light is intended to foster an ambiance of respect and admiration to the Mayan culture and particularly to their unique legacy.

Exhibition design:  Direccion de Museos del INAH

Lighting design: ideas en luz

Mounting: Luminografica